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           18 June, 2018
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New Sites - Main » Computers » Artificial Intelligence » Companies
Soteria Intelligence (28th January, 2017) : Soteria Intelligence is a social media threat monitoring and consulting firm comprised of social media experts, technology pioneers, and retired personnel from both local and federal law enforcement agencies.
BioComp Systems, Inc. (27th April, 2005) : BioComp Systems is your source for neural network based data modeling, prediction, forecasting and optimization solutions. Areas of focus includes: Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medical.
Agena - Intelligent Solutions using Bayesian Networks (27th April, 2005) : Agena specialises in providing decision support systems using Bayesian methods.
Knowledge Systems Design (27th April, 2005) : Develops, delivers, and supports knowledge base systems for business applications using AI technologies. Information on company, applications, technology, and employment opportunities.
Victauri LLC (27th April, 2005) : Provides interactive content, which allows creation of an interactive, intelligent Web agent that can automatically respond to questions from visitors. Includes product and service information and downloads.

Top Sites - Main » Computers » Artificial Intelligence » Companies
Attar Software () : Data Mining, Knowledge Based Systems and the authors of XpertRule KBS software. Specialists in Expert Systems, Rule Induction and Fuzzy Logic.
Lumina Decision Systems () : Makers of Analytica: business models and decision support.
Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc. () : Intelligent decision aids, aircraft cabin display systems, intelligent control of automated vehicles, supply chain control system, intelligent systems development.
Norsys Software Corp. () : Belief networks and influence diagrams for data mining, decision analysis, diagnosis, prediction, creating software agents, real-time control, signal conditioning, sensor fusion, expert system building, statistical analysis, probabilistic modeling and risk
Intellix () : Intellix supplies software for the collection, storage and distribution of knowledge: building expert systems, knowledge mapping, data mining, CBR, case based reasoning, knowledge sharing and knowledge management.