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           12 November, 2019
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Ear Candles
Energy Healing
Fasting and Cleansing
Flower Essences
Life Extension
Magnetic Therapy
Oxygen and Ozone

New Sites - Main » Shopping » Health » Alternative » Energy Healing
Adermark (27th April, 2005) : Pendulums and dowsing rods, electro-magnetic field blocking discs, and polarizers.
Total Health Associates (27th April, 2005) : Bio-electric, sonic and photonic, and electro-magnetic equipment. Also offers air and water purifiers.
SuperSupplements (27th April, 2005) : Bowls, cups and pitchers, and other products made with energized water which help to detoxify their contents.
Sota Instruments Inc. (27th April, 2005) : Specializing in products for bio-electric protocols including parasite zappers, magnetic pulsers, colloidal silver generators, and ozone generators.
Just Magnotherapy Plus (27th April, 2005) : Bio-electric, far-infrared, and magnotherapy products and devices.

Top Sites - Main » Shopping » Health » Alternative » Energy Healing
White Mountain () : Subtle energy devices that make Homeopathic and Energy Remedies, neutralise environmental pollution, give your tap water healing qualities, plus channelled guidance from Gillian Lee.
The Wisdom Light () : Chakra-balancing, sound therapy, use of crystal bowls and singing bowls.
Advanced Tachyon Technologies () : Healthcare professionals in over 93 countries use our Tachyonized products. Now these products are available direct to you, from Advanced Tachyon Technologies International.
Transformation Technologies () : Vibrational energy healing tools, magnetic, therapy,light and sound, zappers, colloidal silver generators, rife generators,o zonators and chi machine.
Spiritual Healing Instrument () : New instrument affects chi by a universal spiritual force. Acupuncture without acupuncture needles.