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           24 January, 2020
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Territorial Disputes - France Territorial Disputes - Georgia
Territorial Disputes - Gibraltar Territorial Disputes - India
Territorial Disputes - Indonesia Territorial Disputes - Israel
Territorial Disputes - Italy Territorial Disputes - Kardak Rocks
Territorial Disputes - Kashmir Territorial Disputes - Katanga
Territorial Disputes - Korea Territorial Disputes - Ladakh
Territorial Disputes - Mindanao Territorial Disputes - Montenegro
Territorial Disputes - Morocco Territorial Disputes - Nagorno-Karabakh
Territorial Disputes - New Caledonia Territorial Disputes - Okinawa
Territorial Disputes - Oromia Territorial Disputes - Pitcairn Island
Territorial Disputes - Sakhalin and Kurile Islands Territorial Disputes - Serbia
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Violence and Abuse - Family Violence Violence and Abuse - Harassment
Violence and Abuse - Hazing Violence and Abuse - Media
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Violence and Abuse - Road Rage Violence and Abuse - School
Violence and Abuse - Survival Violence and Abuse - Workplace
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Warfare and Conflict - Economic Consequences Warfare and Conflict - Environmental
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Warfare and Conflict - War Crimes Warfare and Conflict - Weapons

New Sites - Main » Society » Issues » Business
Detective agencies in Delhi (26th May, 2014) : Intelligence Network Agency(INA) is the best Detective agencies in Delhi ncr.We provide best investigative and risk mitigation services.
Home For Sale In Nj (14th May, 2014) : Find out homes for sale in New Jersey! 855SkyHouse is USA #1 real estate in New Jersey helping you find out the dream house of your desire.
The Cluetrain Manifesto (27th April, 2005) : Corporate activists seeking to put a human touch back into the corporate world through the use of technology.
The Fairtrade Foundation (27th April, 2005) : Seeks to tackle the exploitation of workers in developing countries by giving consumers the opportunity to buy products that guarantee a better deal to producers. Site includes information resources and a report on coffee farmers and international trade.
Fair Trade Federation (27th April, 2005) : FTF is an association of businesses committed to providing fair wages and good employment opportunities to economically disadvantaged artisans and farmers worldwide. Standards are relevant to corporate operations.

Top Sites - Main » Society » Issues » Business
The Cluetrain Manifesto () : Corporate activists seeking to put a human touch back into the corporate world through the use of technology.
Business & Human Rights Resource Centre () : Covers over 1000 companies, over 160 countries, over 150 topics. The site is composed of links to a wide range of materials published by companies, NGOs, governments, intergovernmental organisations, journalists, academics, etc. It includes reports of corporate
Fair Trade Federation () : FTF is an association of businesses committed to providing fair wages and good employment opportunities to economically disadvantaged artisans and farmers worldwide. Standards are relevant to corporate operations.
Detective agencies in Delhi () : Intelligence Network Agency(INA) is the best Detective agencies in Delhi ncr.We provide best investigative and risk mitigation services.
Robert A. G. Monks () : This former corporate insider and former Maine-based U.S. Congressman has written several insightful looks at how corporations' operations may be inherently destructive to the environment, human beings, and our rights with ideas on improving the situation.