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           28 January, 2021
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Islam, Koran, Al-Qiyamah and Sahaja Yoga Meditation

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Cross-examine hundreds of research pages and related links on Al-Qiyamah or the Last Day or Hour, the central theme of Islam and the Koran, and its profound and prophetic impact on humanity. Is Shri Mataji the Imam Mahdi?
URL: http://www.al-qiyamah.org
Title: Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection)
Description: Except for the theme of monotheism, the Qur'an speaks more of the coming Qiyamah - also known as the Resurrection, the Day of Judgment, Day of Gathering, and the Great Announcement - than of any other topic. The Al-Qiyamah website is an attempt to examine in detail what different verses in the Qur'an tell us about Qiyamah and to reconcile what might appear as differing, even contradictory descriptions of the event.
Specialized in: Quran - Resurrection - Gathering

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